Project 333

My aim for this year is to simplify my (our) life and own less. I think my behaviour as a consumer has changed already, but to step away further from consumerism I am going to try not to buy anything new when I need to replace something.

Taking part in a wardrobe challenge will help me to stay away from buying clothes even if they are second hand. I don’t tend to buy much, but this challenge will minimize that even more and will push me closer to the overall aim to living with less.

You may have heard of the expression “capsule wardrobe” and that minimalist tend to have a very small wardrobe. I am fascinated by the idea of owning less clothes. I don’t really like doing laundry and folding clothes is an especially  hard one for me.  I hope that with owning less I will have to maintain less too.

I decided that I am going to take part in the challenge called Project 333, where you have a set of 33 pieces of clothes, shoes, accessories and only wear those for 3 month, from the 1st January till 31 March 2017. Exciting!!!

I have chosen my 33 pieces, it wasn’t that hard because I have been working on simplifying my wardrobe for the last while anyway.

These are the pieces I chose:


As you can see there are only three pairs of shoes which is honestly more than what I usually wear. I don’t wear high heels at all. For a while I thought that is needed to be this or that, but now I don’t care. I feel comfortable in flats or very low heeled shoes and that’s what matters. So the shoes part was quite easy to tackle.

My 33 piece in details: (only 30 in the picture + 2 skirts +1 pair of sunglasses)

There are 5 bottom pieces and I have two skirts that are being altered, so I would like to include those too, so that’s altogether 7.

I have two pieces of outer wear: a babywearing jacket, and a denim jacket. The babywearing jacket is great because it can double up as maternity jacket too if I use the zip in panel on the front. At the moment I don’t use any of the panels on a daily basis as little M is a bit heavy to be carried around for hours daily.

Because the weather is not that cold here in Ireland, I will be able to wear only a hoodie and t-shirt in the spring, no need for a spring jacket.

I put 2 “fancier” tops in my 33, however I very seldom wear these, because I don’t usually go to places where I would need to wear something smarter/fancier looking. But just in case I have to, I included them.

I really enjoy wearing leggings with tunics and having tunics with a hood is great. I can layer this with a long sleeve top and the denim jacket for colder days, or just wear it with a tank top if it’s warm.

It was quite easy to put the accessories together. I need one scarf and a hat when it is very windy and going out for a walk. I don’t need anything more, because if the weather is to bad I will just drive.

I don’t wear jewellry other than my engagement ring, but that doesn’t count in the 33 🙂

Mr M also decided to take part in this so here is his list. I did not take pictures of his stuff. Yayy!

  • 6 shirt (for office wear)
  • 2 casual shirts
  • 6 pairs of trousers (mix of jeans, corduroy, chinos and office smart trousers)
  • 1 pair of shorts
  • 9 T-shirts
  • 1 wooly jumper
  • 1 rain jacket
  • 1 softshell jacket
  • 1 heavy fleecy hoodie
  • 1 pair of sunglasses
  • 2 pairs of shoes
  • 1 pair of sandals

That’s it. Simple, isn’t it?

And then I thought I will check if little M’s clothes would fit the challenge, but I am happy to say that YES! He has:

  • 6 long sleeve body suits
  • 3 short sleeve body suits
  • 4 vest
  • 3 hoodies
  • 1 fleece
  • 1 coat
  • 1 rainjacket
  • 4 harem pants
  • 1 pair of dungarees (1 in the making too)
  • 1 pair of shoes
  • 1 hat
  • 1 scarf

This is 26 altogether.  He does have bandana bibs, so if I include 2, we are still good 🙂

The clothes that are not included in my 33 are now put up on the two top shelves of the wardrobe. As I was putting them away, I already saw some that will have to go sooner or later. As Lindsey from Treading my own path says – sometimes we think we are someone else, like a fantasy person. A person that likes high heels, or a person that likes to wear real sexy pieces. Like this one:


This is a top with only this metal chain thing on the back, quite revealing. However I only wore it once in my life. I love the idea, but after having a child and breastfeeding, let’s be honest – I won’t be able to wear anything without a bra. So why am I actually holding onto this? To remind me that once I was younger and more daring? Or to remind me the opposite? And anyhow the memories are not stored within a piece of clothing, at most they only trigger those memories. Therefore this piece will have to go.

As I understand minimalism is not determined about the exact number of our possessions, minimalism is about owning only what is enough, that satisfies our needs. When the amount of unused (unloved) objects in our house and their maintenance become a source of stress and annoyance, we need to do act. This is where I am at. I think my time that I could spend with family, do something for communities or just for myself is more precious than spending it with the continuous maintenance of the excessive stuff.

I am really looking forward how his challenge will go and in the meantime I will continue re-evaluating other areas of our house and the objects in them.

Are you too stepping on the journey of living with less?