Conscious Living & Working Conference

I am delighted to say I will have a display at the Conscious Living & Working Conference. It will take place

on 20th September 2019, at the Law Society in Dublin

This conference is an exciting and innovative opportunity for us to look at the issues of climate change, our work and our lives. We believe that, despite the negative news that surrounds us, opportunity now presents itself to all of us to really out the choices we have and understand how we can make a real and lasting difference.

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I am looking forward to this day and all the discussions that are going to take place.

Interview on NewsTalk

I was delighted when I received an email from a producer of the Alive and Kicking show by Clare McKenna on NewsTalk radio station. They were inviting me to the show to talk about living low waste and what steps everyone can make to lower the waste they produce. I could not say no.

The show was on today, 8th September 2019. Clare was great and I had a chance to talk about the ups and downs of a zero waste life.

If you would like to listen, click on the link below:


I am delighted to announce that I started a collaboration with a project called The Future Living.

The Future Living enables householders and businesses to track, analyse and improve waste patterns. It is based on a technology platform that analyses the relevant waste suggesting how to dispose correctly and offers advice on buying patterns in order to improve peoples environmental footprint.

For further information please visit The Future Living Website