How we are doing…

The last few  weeks were very busy here between travelling, conferences and voluntary work, I just could not find the time to blog. If you follow me on Instagram you could probably see our adventures.

I have some good news.

I am very honoured to be invited to West Cork to give two talks at the end of November. It is fantastic to know that people want to hear how we reduce waste and aspire to live sustainably.

Come along if you can…


We have seen further reduction in the volume and weight of our landfill waste which is great. Feels good.

This is our landfill waste of September:


Cute jar isn’t it? It contains less than 100g of waste.

I was very happy to find out that a local organic farmer started to sell his veg boxes in our town too, so I had to sign up. There is no delivery, you have to pick it up, but I don’t mind that, I organise my day according to that and do the rest of the shopping on that day.

The veg box only contains locally grown produce. Look at these! Aren’t they just tasty looking? And they are really good value too. Only €10 for a small box.




I managed to buy coffee without packaging in Dublin city centre. Not the most convenient location, but we will see how it goes. Maybe I can source something local too. I got the jar full of coffee beans when I had to go into the centre anyway, so it wasn’t an extra journey. I don’t have a coffee machine, I had to learn how to make coffee in a sauce pan. It is very easy and now I don’t need to buy another thing into our kitchen.


Our wedding preparations are well under way and we are thinking “green wedding”: e-invites, second hand purchases and minimal waste. I will write a separate post about this later. Till then here is a picture of these cute wooden letter that we got from


I have started  volunteering with the Cloth Nappy Library Ireland. This is a picture of me at the Babymarket in Blanchardstown. I will be in Navan this weekend at the same babymarket, in the Ardboyne Hotel. For more info check out Baby market here.


I will be back soon with another post on how we will tackle the holiday season with minimal waste. It has started. I saw it. The retail parks are full of cars and there’s a queue to get in to the shopping centre.

Till then check out my Zero Waste A-Z page on the top. It is a work in progress list of things and shops. And no, I dont go to these shops every week 🙂