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Wardrobe simplified

I have been meaning to write a post about my wardrobe, or the content of it, and how I’m consciously trying to reduce the number of clothing items I own.

I have been reading blog posts and books about living with less and simplifying for the last while. I realized that I too experience what they call “decision fatigue”. I wanted to change this.

We started decluttering our house approximately 2 years ago and I have been through 3-4 bigger decluttering sessions, only in my wardrobe. It was crazy. And I don’t even consider having had a huge wardrobe. I know people who own a lot more clothes than I do.

Now it is different. I think now I have enough pieces to wear an outfit on a normal day, and I have some occasion wear (very few).

These are my hanging pieces. I still think this could be further reduced, but at the moment I am not going to. Almost half of these pieces are either maternity or a few sizes bigger than I am now.  I am keeping these, because we would like to have another baby, so I will use them then.

There are some smart blouses that I like, but don’t wear them, because I am staying home with Little M, but hopefully in the foreseeable future I will start working again and then they will be in use. They are good quality, timeless pieces, so I would not like to donate them and purchase new ones later.


These are my tops, folded in the drawer like it is suggested in the Konmari book.


And my t-shirt, tank tops and PJs


At the moment I own:

3 skirts

1 pair of dungarees

1 pair of jeans

1 summery loose yoga pants (present from Mikey from Vietnam)

3 pairs of legging (2 croped, 1 normal length)

The  top shelves house my hot summer and cold winter piece. Even if I could be ok with just the general wardrobe piece, I would still need these when we are travelling. SOmetimes I really envy those who live in a warmer climate and don’t need a set of winter clothes too, but here in Europe (Ireland), it is not possible.

On the bottom shelf I have my hoodies that I wear all year around.


and now onto shoes:

On the top: winter boots, and the smart shoes that I own. I haven’t worn the occasion wear piece for at least a year or two, but I could not wear my everyday shoes for those occasions, because they are very casual.

I am continuously re-evaluating pieces in the wardrobe. Some of my shoes I am not going to replace once they reach the end of their life.

Now I am very conscious when I need to buy a new piece. I try to move away from synthetic materials and choose natural fabrics.

When I can not buy something second hand, I chose to buy organic and ethically produced, but most importantly I buy less.

This is not a capsule wardrobe, and I am not aiming for one. I just one to have enough, the amount that I am comfortable with.

I like to have a variety of clothes, but now, that I experienced the difference between enough – too much and the time and energy to maintain both, I can easily say the less is the better.

Before decluttering my wardrobe, I was always very stressed about the mess and the ” I don’t have stuff to wear”. This has changed.  I can now easily choose an outfit to wear every morning and spend 2 minutes tidying every night, and that is all the maintenance my wardrobe needs.

Now I would like to hear about your experience! Do you find you have too many items in your wardrobe? Or have you been decluttering too?


  1. Kudos on your decision to buy less and to buy second-hand or ethically produced garments. And I totally agree about the “decision fatigue” factor. Now all my tops have to fit hanging in my closet. I’ll take them from one side to wear and put them back on the other side. If I find myself skipping past a certain top regularly, I know that it probably doesn’t belong in my closet and needs a new home. That doesn’t always work out perfectly. Sometimes my husband says “No! You can’t get rid of that. :(” because he builds emotional attachments to things. But oh well, close enough.

    • timikonya says

      Thanks, yes the emotional attachment is there, have you read Konmari method? Really good tips on how to declutter.

  2. I still have a bit of a love/hate relationship to my clothes. As I was reading your post, and admiring your organizational skills, I looked across at my own wardrobe and saw how tightly they are packed. I do pull out the odd piece of clothing and place it in bag for recycling, but I have not yet made that conscious decision to put my emotional responses aside, and just go through the hangers, rationally and honestly. Your post has inspired me to take the next step and besides, Spring is here so it’s the perfect time to do a clean out.

    • timikonya says

      Yes, it is sometimes hard to leave the emotions aside. But then I felt the stress of maintaining my full wardrobe is too much and the sentimental attachment to my pieces in not so material. The stress weighted out the memories.

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