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Make your own and grow your own part 1

There are things in life that we all like/love but they don’t usually come without packaging or in recyclable packaging (but you know recycling is not the solution).

One of these things is Nutella. There is a few problems with it: 1. full of sugar, 2. contains palm oil, 3. the packaging.

So we decided to make our own. I found a great recipe from the Minimalist Baker. Then I needed to find hazelnuts in bulk or without packaging. That was a bit of a quest but finally I managed to get in touch with a company that sells nuts in bulk. They are called Nuts in Bulk. The owner of the business was kind enough to let me visit them at their business site and fill my jars with nuts.


I bought a whole lot of hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, papaya, pistachios, and quinoa.

Then I needed  a strong food processor. The one we had was at the end of it’s life and I was lucky to find some hidden money in a dvd case in the house so went out and got a nice food processor.

It is a Kenwood brand, the mill and the blender jugs are glass, the buttons are stainless steel, so a little bit less plastic than usual. I was happy to notice that there was no styrofoam in the box, and the shop kept all the packaging and sent to recycling. I also got 4 year warranty with it, hopefully we won’t need it.


The homemade nutella was very easy to make and it is delicious. Not as sweet as the original, but I guess you can add something to sweeten it up if needed.

The other thing that we love but cannot buy without packaging is biscuits. But thankfully Jamie Oliver posted about this great digestive biscuit recipe on his page. We tried it and they were very tasty. I like to bake something once a week, so I will keep this in our “repertoire”.


I made them into matryoshka doll shapes just to make the look pretty.

We still make our own ricotta/cottage cheese. It goes faster now that I know how to make it. Practice makes….


And torilla…we love a good mexican cuisine inspired dish and tortilla is an essential part of most mexican dishes.

I used this recipe. It was easy and really nice. The only thing I didn’t really like that they weren’t that nice anymore the next day. We ate them regardless, but this means that it’s better to make so much that we can eat the same day.


Next time I going to write about our garden and what we are growing…


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