Traveling to London

I have been thinking about writing this post for a while, but we were travelling to surprise a friend, so I couldn’t.

Going away for three days with only hand luggage for two adult and a baby (in cloth diapers). Challenge accepted!!

I wanted to eliminate the unnecessary things as much as possible. So we did not take a buggy. Little M is happy to be carried around in our soft structured carrier (Kibi), so that was no brainer. I packed very little clothes for Little M: 1 pair trousers, 3 vest, 2 long sleeve t-shirts, 1 cardigan, 1 all-in-one pyjama, 1 pair of socks. He was wearing one pair of trousers, vest, long sleeve t-shirt, jacket, hat and bandana bib. And baby boots.


Other than this, I had two muslin cloths, washcloth, a small bar of baby soap, diaper cream, a small changing mat, 3 books and 4 small toys.

And of course cloth nappies. 20 nappies, two large wet-bag and two small wetbags. I wasn’t sure how many wet-bags I really needed, so I brought all with me.

Going through the airport security check was easy with only this many bags. We had to get a plastic bag to go through security for toothpaste and diaper cream. We use soap bar, solid shampoo and solid deodorant, so we didn’t have to worry about the amount of liquid we bring on the plane. Yay for stress free travelling!!

On the zero waste front:

We preordered our oyster card so not only was our travelling in London but we didn’t have to take paper tickets.

I brought a water bottle and two reusable cups, and two spoons. These did not take much space, so it was fine but seemed very useful on several occasions.

At the airport we used our reusable cups for tea, and even on the plane (British Airways) the air-hostess was happy to serve orange juice in the same cup (washed it of course). Every day we refilled the water bottle with some fresh water from the restaurant in the hotel, so we did not buy any plastic bottled water.


Reducing waste is often about the choices we make. For example in the hotel, at the breakfast there were individually wrapped jams, butters and honey. The honey was in the cutest mini jars, so I had toast and honey. I did have some butter too. And I opened a Weetabix for Little M and muesli for myself. Not so much ZW but I was happy to see a glass jar on the breakfast table. And of course I kept the jar, I will use it for something around the house.


On the way home we were hungry while waiting at Heathrow, so we started to look for some food. We chose Pret A Manger. I had a burrito from the hot counter and it was wrapped in brown paper. I brought it home it and went into the compost bin.

Altogether I found it wasn’t that difficult to 1. travel with a lot less stuff; 2. keep waste to a minimum while travelling.

Next time I will be back with some thoughts on simplifying bathroom products and wardrobes…