Living Low Waste
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Learning new skills

I’m back again to report on our progress towards zero waste.

I finished my last post with saying that I was preparing something “ambitious”.

Yes, it was ambitious but not too successful. I wrote a letter to one of the biggest supermarket chain requesting them to let us (zero waste followers) use our glass containers. Their answer was a categorically no!! They are concerned about some hygiene issues that are not even real. Funny enough they are quite proactive and sell growlers of beer, where you take home the growler, drink the beer, wash the glass bottle and bring it back for refill. Probably my understanding is impaired, but I thought this would be the exact same concept when I want to use my own glass jar. Whatever!!

Then next, I managed to figure where to buy cheese without packaging. Now that is a biggie. I love cheese and we want to eat cheese on homemade pizza, pasta, quesadillas etc… Big thumbs up for the local Polish shop Mroz. The owner, Peter said: sure, whenever you want to buy something without packaging (cheese, cured meat, can

Staying with the food theme, I have researched how to make yoghurt, ricotta and mozzarella. I have researched where to buy the ingredients like rennet and citric acid. I will try the ricotta this weekend.

I found a great a recipe to make homemade tortillas and they were really good. The only thing, they weren’t that great the next day, but that is not a problem for us, cos we usually eat them all. You can find it here.

Turns out that now we can buy cream in our own bottle at the Honest2Goodness market. We are definitely going this Saturday and I will buy some cream. it’s not something that we eat very often, but sometimes it is nice to have whipped cream or just a bit of cream in your mushroom soup.

I finished the hoodie for little M. It is made using an old hoodie of mine. Turned out great. I didn’t think it was that easy to make a hoodie.


The pattern was a free pattern from Brindille & Twig. They sell great pattern in their Etsy shop.

Finally I ordered some household items in bulk from Amazon. It is unbelievably difficult to buy recycled toilet paper here in Ireland, so I ordered a huge box from the UK. Along with that I got some washing up liquid (Bio-D, 5L) and some washing powder.


I think 5L washing up liquid is loads, but that’s OK, I will share it with my mum, so she will not have to buy anymore plastic bottles. There were some packaging with the Amazon order obviously, but the cardboard can be recycled and I have a plan to use up all the brown paper that was in the box.


I flattened them out, folded them up as much I could and I will keep them in a pile till it is time to wrap something. Maybe we can do some potato stamping to add decoration to them and use these for wrapping our Christmas pressies, hm?

I also upcycled a glass bottle and a soap pump and made it into my own washing up liquid dispenser.


As we are working ourselves through all the cupboard staples in plastic packaging these clips started to pile up. Who knew you don’t need these kinda thingies?!


Today was the day of our recycling bin collection. We didn’t bring it out to the kerb, not because we forgot (like we often do) but because it is not full. It is about 1/3 full which is a great reduction.

I know lot of people say, but that’s the recycling bin, ” We recycle!”. But I still think we have to reduce our recyclable waste as well as non-recyclable, because not everything that we put in the green bin gets recycled. Whatever does not get recycled goes to the landfill. And that is what we are trying to avoid, right?

Come back next week, if you want to know how I got on with my cheesemaking…

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