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How are we doing so far?

yes, we are doing well, I think.

I can see the reduction of the amount of rubbish that we throw in the bin. I have also learnt a lot in this last one month. Eg: plastic is not just plastic and paper is not just paper. You can not throw everything in the recycle bin as you wish.

This last week I was focused on our clothes and our wardrobe. Last year we did a great decluttering after reading the Konmari method, but I still had things lying around that did not sparkle joy. So I filled up another big blue IKEA bag and off I went with those clothes to the charity shop.

I feel really inspired about those capsule wardrobes that I see other zero wasters keep. NO, probably I wouldn’t be ok with only a capsule wardrobe, but I’m thinking about reorganising my wardrobe to make it more efficient, if I can use that word for wardrobe 🙂

So I got two really nice pieces on adverts, for €7 and €5, which was a bargain. One is a denim skirt and the other one is a cardigan-dress kinda thing. Really happy with them.

I also want to reduce the clothes that I buy for Little M. So I am planning his next size up wardrobe and I will buy what I can second hand and the rest I will sew. My mum knows a lot about sewing and making your own clothes, so this is what I’m gonna do. We’ve already made one pants and top set for him.WP_20160127_09_32_39_Pro

As a second sewing project I took apart an old hoodie of mine, to make a baby hoodie for him, but I haven’t finished that one yet.


Hunting for a suitcase for my mum in TKMaxx I found a bamboo fiber dinner set for Little M, so I got it immediately. It is such a nice design and 99% eco friendly. Except that little plastic that kept the pieces in the box.


The most annoying thing in our week was this political leaflet coming through our letter box despite the big ‘no junk mail’ sign.


And the worst about it was that I was standing in the hall when the leaflet guy came and pushed it in the letter box. I opened the door  as fast as I could and went after him. He said it was’t him. But I saw him… Very annoying!!

Is this really how  we are “Building our Future Together” ????

This general election is going to produce piles and piles of rubbish all around the country, not great!

But after this, we had a great day at the market and did a great almost zero waste shopping.


You know when you’re doing well when you inspire another person. My brother came to the farm shop with me and he was using those plastic produce bags, so I told him that wasn’t great and he should not use those, and gave him a cloth bag. On Sunday he approached me at my mum’s that he would like more cloth bags. So I offered to make a few for him and then he can reduce his plastic bag usage. Every little helps.

I have some ambitious plans for this week, but I don’t want to share it just yet. Hopefully next week.

That’s it for this week,

Take care and keep reducing!

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