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Week 3

Lots of happenings in the last one week.

Still going strong with the intention and practice to reduce waste as much as possible.

Last week I was very busy in the kitchen. I want to reduce the content of our cupboard. A clear and simple looking cupboard is great, because is does not only look great but also you can see what you have and less items will pass their best before date, therefore you will have to throw out less.



This is one of our cupboards. Most things are in glass containers. We still have some plastic ones, I only kept the BPA free ones. Maybe at another stage I will phase these out too. But not now.

I made some tags to go on the jars using an envelope. Great that the tax office sends their stuff in recycled paper envelopes.




I decided that for the next weeks we will eat from the cupboard. Of course I am going to buy fresh veg and meat, but we will try and use up items that have been sitting in there for long.

I am very much inspired by other zero waste bloggers and how they simplify their lives. Absolutely love it!!

I found this idea about collecting vegetable cut offs and making vegetable broth with it. I thought that was great and now I am collecting the cut offs too. After one week, I was able to make about half a litre of broth. I tasted it and it was great! Definitely no more stock cubes!!


We also have finished our last can of chopped tomato, so I decided that I can make something similar. I bought about a kg of tomatoes, cut it up to pieces added some fresh herbs (thyme) and garlic. No salt!!! And place it in the oven after my dinner was ready. I should get a second wire rack it the oven, so I could do these things simultaneously. I left the tomatoes there slow roasting. When they cooled down, I pulled the skin off and put them in a pan, smashed then and cooked them a bit more to reduce. Then they went into the freezer. If I had a pantry I could do some canning, but…


Eliminating disposables is one of the cornerstones of zero waste. After I brought all the aluminium foils and cling films over to my mum, I realized that we would need dishes that have lids.

I am a regular user of, and zero waste suggests that second hand items are great, because you don’t buy straight from the supply chain and you save money. This is the find of the week:

InstagramCapture_e5c16488-75dd-4d2b-a4b8-e72946792204 A Le Creuset dish for €12!! Fantastic! It is in mint condition, so I am very pleased.

This is all the little changes in our kitchen this week. You should see my fridge, it looks empty!

During the week I had to park my car on the street, and that reminded me of one more zero waste idea.

If you own a car then you should sign up for Parking tag. It is an application where you use your phone to pay for parking. No more parking tickets that accumulate behind the windscreen.

If you are a public transport person, sign up for Leap card, where you can just top up and go. No need for change and the rates are lower. And you will not have lots of tickets in your pocket.

This is me for today, I will be back next week.

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