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Week 2 of Zero Waste

I am back to report that all goes well with our transition to live a more sustainable life.

Achievements of last week:

Little M started to use cloth nappies during the night too. I am very impressed how well they work. I got two sets of BumGenius Flip and they are bombproof. We also used up our last disposable swim nappy and received a reusable one, so from now on no disposable nappies for Little M.

I declutter or bathroom, got rid f a whole lot of stuff that I had but not used and just kept the basics. I am going to use up my last shampoo in plastic bottle, and then start using the shampoo bar from Lush.

This morning the bamboo toothbrushes arrived. I’m very happy because my  old one really had its time and needed to be changed. I ordered them from Hydrophil and they are lovely. I had to try them immediately. Feels good on the teeth. We will see how they work out: how long the bristle stay nice and straight, will the bristles stay in place etc… And if we like them, I will order a good few to save on postage and packaging. Every bit of paper and packaging that they sent is recycled material and I am going to put them in the recycling bin too. Now I just have to figure out how to solve the toothpaste issue. Do I want to make our own? not sure yet…

In the kitchen we are working ourselves through plastic packaged and tinned food. It will take a while but I have to say our fridge looks a lot emptier but it is refreshing.

I went to Honest2 Goodness market on Sunday and bought a few delicacies.


It was great to be able to get a few things that I haven’t found in the regular shops so far. Although a bit on the pricey its worth going there every so often.

We have eaten our last bag of tagliatelle pasta, so from now on I will make our own. We still have some bags of Hungarian types, we’ll go through those too. We decided that we are going to make pasta on weekends, make two or three batches in advance. I is easier to make pasta with M helping. We can dry them on clean kitchen towel and use them up the week or soon.


I am a big chocolate milk drinker. I was wondering how to do this without me buying the Nesquick powder in plastic boxes. After researching this matter for a bit I found out that the easiest way is to mix cocoa powder with sugar in a jar. That’s not difficult, but I know that simple dark cocoa powder does not dissolve in cold milk. So I read somewhere in the comments section of a blog that you want to pour a little bit of boiling water onto the home-made nesquick in your cup, dissolve it this way and then add the cold milk. And it work, and to be honest it tastes a lot nicer that nesquick.

Now in the search for cocoa powder in bulk. Which is great because this led me to this Chocolate Shop in Ashbourne where they sell bars of chocolate without wrapping. S when we have eaten up all the Christmas chocolate this is where I’m going to go.


This is how far we got this week.


  1. Katya says

    I love all these little changes that you are making in your home =)) Very inspirational =)
    In terms of toothpaste alternatives i heard baking soda or sea salt should work too, but im not sure how gentle would they be on the tooth enamel?

  2. That chocolate!!!

    I replaced toothpaste with bicarbonate of soda and, more recently a mix of one part bicarbonate of soda with two parts coconut oil. (I also add a bit of vanilla powder for the taste) The whole family now has better teeth and gum health and it doesn’t take long to get used to the taste!

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