First week towards Zero Waste

I wen tot the library to borrow the book: Zero Waste Home.  I have read some info on the Zero Waste Home blog, but I thought the book should go into more detail about practices to reduce waste.


I went to Ikea and got some glass jars and containers to buy my meat and cheese. The first attempt to buy meat was success, the guy behind the counter put the chicken breasts into my glass container and was smiling.  I was happy. But noone tells that zero waste lifestyle is all full of smiles! Today in our local supermarket the Health and Safety manager told me that they have to follow regulations therefore they cannot sell meat and cheese in my own container. I guess, I am not going to go to that shop for my meat and cheese anymore 🙂 Pretty disappointing, because it is a family run business and I rather shop in a family owned shop than at a huge supermarket (like on the first day). In the end I went to the local butcher’s to get some beef mince. He had no problem with the aforementioned glass container.

It will take a little bit of time to find the suppliers of our new lifestyle.

I remembered a farm shop that I went to a few times a few years ago to buy strawberries. I was wondering if they are open in the winter too. SO I drove over and Yes!! they are open and have lots of fruit and veg loose in boxes for you to pick your favourites. So after I got a nice wooden box for my veg in Ikea last week, I was able to fill it in the farm shop.


I got some unbleached cotton and started to sew my own produce bags. I made one long for baguettes, some smaller one for fruit and veg and other dry produce and one for soap and other non food products.


Here I am buying a medium sized baguette. The other products on the conveyor belt don’t belong to me 😉


It was my birthday last week, so I asked for products for Lush from Mum. We are going to use up the bathroom products that we have already and then use more product without packaging.

InstagramCapture_abeb994a-c5be-49c3-ae09-e9a0cb6e9205Other changes in the bathroom we made are: I found some hankies on sale, so got some manly looking ones to M and some girlie ones for me. I also gave a go to Mooncup, I am pretty surprised how well it works. It takes a bit of learning but it is easy to use after then.

Finally we visited some friend during the weekend. They just had a new baby back in December. It was great to see them. We go a cute sock monkey for the baby, that I wrapped in paper that was a space filler in an online order. I hope they will recycle it. We were also able to give them the leftover disposable nappies we had.


I think the first week of our new lifestyle went pretty successful and we feel great about our efforts.



5 thoughts on “First week towards Zero Waste

  1. Very interesting read Timi! I have actually recently watched a video about an american girl who produced like one small jar of rubbish in a whole year! Its hard to believe when you see the amount of trash we all produce daily and weekly.
    2016 is a decluttering mission for me =) Started with the kitchen and into week 2 now- getting rid of unnecessary stuff and clearing up space =)

    • Thanks Katya. We did a whole lot of decluttering last year and continue it still today. It feels great. I hope I can inspire others too to start a journey towards zero waste.

      • I’d love to try but i dont know if i’d be able to motivate myself to stay that dedicated =) plus my bf wouldnt totally destroy any of my efforts =) i can barely manage to persuade him to recycle
        I do try to do a little though, like buying loose fruit and veg and non prepacked meat if i can. make up thats not tested on animals. I dont know if you are going to be doing your own cleaning products, but there is an Irish brand called Molloys which does all natural cleaning stuff. Its a bit expensive but doesnt have that chemical smell.
        Have you found any alternative for bin bags yet?

  2. We are at the very beginning of this whole thing, so at the moment we are trying to refuse as much as we can (packaged food etc…) and no, haven’t found an alternative for bin bags yet. But I am hopeful that we will need very few after we manage to establish a whole new routine. Thanks for the tip on Molloys, I have a look. I dont make my own cleaning products. We use Amway and that produce very little waste as the products are so concentrated, you would not use very much of them.

  3. I know you can buy bio-degradable bin bags but they seem pretty hard to find. Like most of the time i buy bin bags in my local Spar and they have 1 kind of bin bags and thats it. But then when im in Dunnes or tesco somewhere with a bigger selection, I usually forget to have a look for the bio bags.
    Im looking forward to see how ye get on and see what i can implement at home =)

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