Environmental friendly

Generally we are aiming to live an environmental friendly life. When we moved into our new home over a year ago we improved the energy rating of the house right away:

  • changed all of our spotlight bulbs to LED
  • replaced windows to improve insulation
  • the energy rating of all our appliances are A+
  • we installed a smart heating control system (Nest) to reduce heating bills

Since then we have done even more:

  • replaced old backdoor
  • insulated the attic

At the end of last year our attention turned towards our waste production. It is simply unbelievable how much waste we produce on a weekly basis. After little M was born we soon started to realize that disposable nappies have to be changed to cloth nappies. However we were skeptical. Thankfully the Cloth Nappy Library Ireland offers different types of loans and we were happy to give cloth nappies a try. After the initial trial period we were pleasantly surprised and decided to transition from “sposies” to cloth. We have done our calculations and took all aspects into consideration.

At the moment we use cloth nappies during the day and disposables during the night, however this will soon change to full time cloth diapering. (maybe another day I will write a post only about cloth nappies…)


and be aware!! Once you start thinking about reducing waste in your household it is then hard to stop. With cloth nappies come reusable cloth wipes and sanitary pads for environmental conscious mums. And then I started to look around: what else??

I realized that I dislike the fact that I buy vegetables in plastic packaging. For example: tomatoes, they come in a plastic punnet that is also wrapped in a cellophane bag. This is crazy. All this packaging!!

So I had a look around and came across Zero Waste Philosophy and now I am hooked. I think 2016 will be the year where we are going to implement Project Zero Waste.

I don’t really believe that we can live completely waste free, BUT every step we make towards a cleaner environment adds up. And maybe we will inspire some of our friends and family and they will also make some changes to live a more environment conscious life.

My inspiration is Zero Waste Home. This is an American blog, so I will have to find the ways to carry out this project here in Ireland. Hopefully I will share interest and ideas with people in the Zero Waste Ireland Facebook Group.

I will be back and report on how we get started and some achievements in the very near future.

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